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Original, patented precleaner designed to protect heavy-equipment machinery engines and maintain the value of owners investments

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What is Turbo Precleaner ?

turbo® Precleaner is the original, patented precleaner designed to protect heavy-equipment machinery engines and maintain the value of owners investments including construction, mining, logging, waste, agriculture and aggregates – any application where dust and debris can cause problems for engines.

What sets turbo® Precleaners apart from other precleaner brands is a straight-through airflow pathway which creates less air intake restriction to optimize engine power. Engineered paddles create centrifugal force which ejects up to 85 percent of contaminants through discharge ports.

Why Turbo Precleaner ?

Turbo Precleaners remove up to 98% of all air born contaminates (dust, snow, insects, sand, etc), all while achieving the necessary balance between efficiency and restriction, allowing you to enjoy the following benefits:

Longer filter life, helps to reduce downtime
Dollars saved for maintenance and servicing
Prolongs the life of your expensive machine
Keeps the dangerous dust out of your machine, discharging it safely before it can do any harm to your machine
Durable and service-free
High quality construction, durable powder coat finish on turbo II stands up to harshest environments
Impact resistant, engineered polymer, for smooth, rust and corrosion free service
High quality bearings for trouble-free service
Available Models designed for a wide range of equipment operating in light to severe-duty applications

turbo® Precleaners provides four different precleaner models

From compact equipment to sweepers, crushers and massive mining drilling rigs, there are turbo® Precleaners available to protect a variety of machines and their engines, from 15 to 1500 CFM airflow range

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Where machine space is limited

Powered by same smooth and efficient rotor as our turbo III is the turbo® III Flex-N-line™. The Flex-N-Line™ offers designers and installers the advantage to install a rotary ejective precleaner that has the performance to operate efficiently under the hood. Low in restriction and efficient across a wide operating range, Flex-N-line is a good option for off-highway machines like cranes, tele handlers, skid steers and other machines where space is limited.

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